Autonomous Union of Employees in Science and Research of Serbia, SSS-Serbia
Teachers Union of Serbia, TUS


Solidarity with ETUCE member organisations in Serbia


Dear colleagues,
ETUCE representing 11 million members across Europe, expresses its vigorous support
with its member organisations Teachers Union of Serbia (TUS) and Autonomous Union
of Employees in Science and Research of Serbia (SSS-Serbia), Confederation of
autonomous trade union of Serbia, as well as teachers and other education personnel
and employees in the public sector in Serbia ahead of the protest action taking place
tomorrow, on 4 November 2021.
We strongly share your dissatisfaction over the financial and social conditions of
employees in public sector and together with you denounce the lack of social dialogue
in Serbia.
Tomorrow, representatives from more than half of the public sector employees in
Serbia will voice their justified demand for an increase of salaries of 15%, an allocation
for daily meals and holiday bonus, as well as the allocations for all benefits as
stipulated in the Collective Agreements. These steps are necessary in order to at least
partially solve the persisting and critical injustice in the sector, stressing that an
important number of public sector employees receive salaries that are equivalent to
the minimum wage in the country. Further to this, the promised 9.4% increase of the
country’s minimum wage will jeopardise the wage system of coefficients and relations
of salaries in the public sector.
Teachers, and other education personnel from 51 countries across Europe support
your crucial demands to start effective and sustainable talks between the social
partners in the public sector of Serbia and to address the issues regarding the public
budget allocation with a view to put an end to the precarious situation of public
sector employees.

Considering Serbia’s EU accession process and the country’s commitment to adhere
to the key values and principles of the European Union, ETUCE reiterates that
continuous involvement of social partners along with constructive and sustainable
social dialogue lay the very foundation of successful policy-making processes and
decision implementation. ETUCE recalls that the 8
th key principle of the European
Pillar of Social Rights
proclaimed by the European Parliament, the Council and the
Commission states that […] “social partners shall be consulted on the design and
implementation of economic, employment and social policies according to national
practices” […]. ETUCE believes that social partners in Serbia will listen to their
counterparts and engage anew in the social dialogue work for the benefit of all
public sector employees.

Wishing you the best of success in the upcoming protest action, once again ETUCE
confirms its robust support to you.